From basic setups to more intensive repair work, All Four will help you find a cost effective fix for your instruments needs. Repair work and building have a uniquely symbiotic relationship. A great luthier draws knowledge from both skills to find the best solution for the current problem at hand.  Michael will be happy to explain the needs specific to your instrument and get it sounding better than new.

Our repair services include:

  • Setups: An All Four setup can do wonders for your instrument. You will immediately notice a difference in playability and tone. Brand new instruments can even benefit from a proper setup. Our basic setup includes: Truss rod adjustments, filing nut slots, adjusting saddle height, adjusting neck relief, intonation adjustments, setting action height, fret dressing and polish.

  • Re-Fret

  • Neck Reset

  • Crack Repairs

  • Replacing/Repairing miscellaneous parts (bridges, saddles, nuts, tuners, etc…)

  • Finish Touch Ups


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