Backs & Sides

Although not as sonically important as the soundboard, the back and sides can play an integral role in creating the custom instrument you desire. All Four Guitars can build backs and sides using East Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood (upon request), Cuban Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, Koa and Ziricote.


Our Backs & Sides

East Indian Rosewood1.JPG

East Indian Rosewood

Indian rosewood has  become the industry standard as it shares many characteristics with less available  Brazilian rosewood, with less accentuated features. Providing deep low end and bright highs, this rosewood packs a punch and is a favorite for our flati picking players and those seeking a booming sound. 

Brazilian Rosewood1.JPG

Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood is the most sought after of all the tone woods. In addition to its intricate colorings and grain structure, it is known for its for its deep ringing, high resonance, lush sustain and bright bell-like clarity. Once you've played a Brazilian rosewood instrument its hard to go back. A4G has very limited stock and is happy to help source this rare tonewood depending on market availability.



Ziricote also shares some tonal qualities of the rosewoods, but is known to have a crispness similar to ebony. With rich low ends and a bit more attack for the highs this tonewood provides more clarity between the registers. Beautiful layered spider web like grains create a distinct and acceptional look.



Koa grows on the islands of Hawaii and is simply an aesthetically stunning wood with lots of curl and figuring. Its visual beauty is echoed through the warm, wide and rich range of tone it provides. The versatility of this tonewood makes it a player's favorite that is certain to catch the eyes and ears of listeners.

Honduran Mahogany1.JPG

Honduran Mahogany

Mahogany was originally used as a cheaper replacement for rosewood in the pre WWII instruments. It is lighter and less dense than rosewood, with fewer ringing overtones creating a smooth and crisp midrange of sound. Often paired with a matching mahogany top, Honduran is a great fit for the A4G P17 Parlor Guitar. 

Cuban Mahogany1.JPG

Cuban Mahogany

Cuban Mahogany combines many of the desirable traits of both rosewood and Honduran mahogany. It is denser than its Honduran counterpart and provides a much richer low end while maintaining crisp mid range clarity. Cuban can tend to have a smaller sweet spot, but for an accurate flat pick its tone and vibrant playability cannot be beat.

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