Michael Stewart, Luthier

All Four Guitars are built by luthier Michael Stewart, working both in Denver and out of his home in Morrison, Colorado. Michael has been on a unique and varying musical journey since the age of 5. Raised in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, Michael began playing the piano at age 5, transitioned to acoustic guitar at 14, and spent the majority of his twenties playing both keyboards and guitar (acoustic and electric) in various local bands. One thing has been clear throughout the past two decades: a passion for music and a continual search for growth. Michael couldn’t be happier than finding the next piece to his musical evolution right in his hometown of Denver, Colorado.

In the fall of 2016, Michael began a 3 month internship with The Colorado School of Lutherie located at Victor Guitar in Denver. Under the guidance of master luthier, Edward Victor Dick, and teacher Tom Crump, Michael quickly found a love for this special craft. After three short months Michael chose to continue learning at Victor Guitar and currently builds primarily out of this unique locale where collaborative learning is a daily occurrence. Victor Guitar and The Colorado School of Lutherie continue to be an integral part of All Four Guitars as its brand becomes well known in the world of craft lutherie. In 2018, Michael began assisting Tom Crump with the school's Ukulele building course, providing an opportunity to better hone his own building skills and share his knowledge with curious students.

It is no surprise that music brought Michael to his passion for handcrafting instruments and it is music that will forever inspire him. Becoming the person you want to be is a life long process and each day presents opportunities for learning. Michael and All Four Guitars look forward to fostering relationships through the energy put into these one of kind instruments. Pursuing your passion is a journey and not a destination, you can't just get there physically.  

"Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person, not only changed, but for the better."

– Arthur Gordon


All Four Guitars' Approach


All Four Guitars is a Colorado-based craft luthier, specializing in acoustic guitars that are built through the energy and manifestation of an interpersonal relationship with each customer. No instrument is mass-manufactured, and each is built to the custom-requested specs of each client.

  • Impeccable sound: Strum with confidence knowing your guitar’s sound was directly influenced by your personal preferences and the time invested by Michael in hand carving and voicing your tone woods.

  • Craft luthiery: Play a guitar that is custom-built uniquely to your needs, playing style and intent, all the while developing a direct, one-to-one relationship with your luthier.

  • Sustainably-sourced wood: Create a smaller musical footprint knowing that your All Four Guitar is built using only carefully-selected, sustainably-sourced woods wherever possible.

  • Professional Repair: Rest easy knowing your acoustic instrument is in the best hands with All Four Guitars’ in-house repair.