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All Four Guitars


Inspired by the music and mountains of Colorado.

Handcrafted, custom-built acoustic instruments and repair by luthier

Michael Stewart. 


 Welcome to All Four Guitars

All acoustic models at All Four are inspired by the guitars built prior to World War II. Many in the acoustic guitar world consider this to be the golden era of building. The instruments crafted during this time have a depth of character and sound that is sought after by both builders and players alike. These unique qualities and building techniques have been emulated by luthiers across the globe, All Four Guitars included. Through a methodical reverse engineering routine, Michael analyzes, interprets and gains a deeper understanding of the sounds created by these vintage guitars. Currently, All Four Guitars uses concepts and techniques from instruments built between 1897 and 1938.


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All of the instruments at All Four are carefully crafted by our in-house luthier. Each instrument is built to the custom specifications of each customer.

Guitar Woods


Sourcing quality wood is a core value at All Four Guitars. We strive to provide our clients with sustainably-sourced product wherever possible.



All Fours Guitars' boutique approach to repair can help get your new and vintage instruments sounding better than ever.